I had a plumbing issue with my hot water heater. I called Houston Plumbings and they responded the same day. When he arrived at my home he repaired my hot water heater and also checked out my toilet that was flushing slow, come to find out I will definitely use them again."


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Disposal Installation

Do you know how to install a garbage disposal? You may be frustrated because you recently bought a unit but have no idea how to install it. This is a problem that can be easily solved by calling Houston TX Plumbing Repair. Our professionals can have your unit ready to go in no time. Do you have a clogged garbage disposal? This is a very common problem. If your unit is clogged, you may be need professional help. Common things that can cause clogs include fat, grease, and oils. These are not meant to be poured down a garbage disposal. However, don’t worry if this problem happens to you. Houston Texas Plumbing Repair will be there in no time to fix your disposal.

Disposal Leak Repair

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A waste disposal unit is a very powerful machine. It has the ability to grind a wide assortment of waste, and they can last a very long time. However, don’t make the mistake of taking your garbage disposal for granted. Avoid grinding these such as fat, bones, and large objects of food. These should be disposed of in a different way because they cause clogs. Is your garbage disposal leaking? This is not a problem you want to let linger on. The last thing you want is a more expensive water bill because of your continuous leak. Instead of paying more and harming your product, call us for help. We can send plumber to your home to take a look at your unit and solve the problem.

Keep Your Waste Unit Clean

Many homeowners do not know how to clean a garbage disposal. Perhaps even more fail to realize the importance of this process. Keeping your disposal unit clean can improve its performance and extend the life of product. If you don’t know how to do this yourself, don’t worry. Houston TX Plumbing Repair is standing by now waiting for you to call.

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